Natural Kingman Turquoise & Coral
Sterling Silver Overlay
with Stamping Size: 6-3/8" (Medium)">

SOLD Peter Nelson - Navajo Jewelry
Bracelet Cuff 1"
Natural Kingman Turquoise & Coral
Sterling Silver Overlay
with Stamping Size: 6-3/8" (Medium)

Award Winning Artist:  Peter Nelson, Navajo Jewelry -  Arizona, USA  Native American Jewelry

Stunning cuff bracelet.  Unique "butterfly" design. Beautiful large natural deep blue oval Kingston turquoise at center and natural dark red-salmon colored coral ovals. Features Peter's distinct abstract geometric "rug" oxidized overlay design and stamping.

I just do not understand why this cuff and another from the same time are still here. I had Peter make it in 2011 so the stones are gorgeous.  I had it for a long time before I put it up.  Perhaps it was because the size was marked quite a bit larger than it actually is, I've rectified that. Now let's see if someone with a good eye grabs it.

***Handmade - One of a Kind***

Materials: (1) - Large Oval of Matrixed Natural Blue Kingman Turquoise, (6) - Natural Salmon Coral Ovals, Sterling Silver

Metal Only: 5-3/8"

Gap: 1"

Size-Total Inside Diameter: 6-3/8"

Open Gap: 1-1/16"

Height: 1"

Width: NA

Weight: 2oz/58g/.13lbs

Signed: Peter Nelson

Hallmarked: Sterling

Adjustable: Yes, a bit, I have a 6-5/8" wrist and this is tight on me. It definitely could be opened enough to work comfortably on a 6-1/2"  or wrist,or my size. Note: Jewelry that has been adjusted in any way is not returnable.

Repeatable Design:  One-of-a-kind.  Custom.  Similar can be made but the stone will be hard to replicate

Available in other materials: Yes. Mix of silver and gold or all gold. Other stones in other shapes can be used.

 Lead Time For Custom:  Typically  2 to 3 weeks to ship.  This can vary according to availability of materials and whether or not Peter is traveling

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