Z Vera Halusewa (Zuni)
Earrings - Dangle Post
Triple Fans Petitpoint
Black Shell

Artist: Vera Halusewa, Zuni, NM

Description:  3 Graduated-sized "fans". Elegant. Iridescence in various blues and greens.  More beautiful work by Vera.    

Remember to check the dimensions-the photos are extreme close-ups

Total Height: 2-5/8"H

Total Drop (from post): 2-3/8"H

Width (Top Fan): 5/8"W

Width (Bottom Fan): 13/16"W

Materials: Black Shell, Sterling Silver

Signed: Stamped.  V Halusewa
Hallmark: Sterling

Weight: .4oz/12gr/

Repeatable Design:  Similar
Available in other materials: Subject to availability, I have seen this is turquoise and a various mix of stones.


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