Z Cathy Webster - Navajo Jewelry
Earrings - French Wire Dangle
Turquoise, Opal, & Onyx
Sterling Silver Dangle "Paddles"

Cathy Webster, Navajo  Native American Jewelry  

Another beautiful job by Cathy.  People seem to love any of the earrings I get that have the dangle "paddles" (I call them this - its not a technical name) so combining them with Cathy's exquisite inlay work was a really good idea.

Cathy does beautiful work, she is one of many artists who has a steady job working for a shop.  Being an independent artist selling piecework and doing shows can be a very rough life. I do not begrudge or look down on an artist who opts for the security of working for a shop.  Cathy is one of the shop jewelers to whose work I am repeatedly drawn. Her execution is always very clean and my customers gravitate to her inlay work.

I've included some rubber clutches to help prevent loss of earrings.

Measurements of individual components are approximate


Gift Boxed 

Height Total Earring Drop (including wire): 2-1/4"H

Height Earring (inlay oval only): 5/8"H

Width Earring (inlay oval only): 7/16"H

Height Earring (dangle paddles only): 1"H

Weight: .2oz/7gr/.015lb

Signed: C Webster U.S.A.

Hallmark: Sterling

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