Horned Toad
Zuni Fetish Carving
Hudson Sandy
Fossil Ivory (Alaska)
Turquoise & Coral Accents

 Hudson Sandy - Zuni Pueblo, New Mexico, USA

This is a great piece. Beautiful work by master carver, Hudson Sandy.  I'm a sucker for his work and that of family members.  I like it when I can get the fossilized ivory (from walrus tusks), it's a nice solid material for the artist to work but, it's not easy to come by.

His detail and finishing are always impeccable.  

 Remember to check the dimensions-the photos are extreme close-ups

Signed: H Sandy Zuni

Length (Depth):  1-5/8"

Width:  1-1/4"

Height:  3/4"

Weight:  .9oz/25gr/0.055lbs


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