Heart -X Large
Kingman Turquoise, Opal, & Onyx
Sterling Silver">

Kenneth Bitsie - Navajo
1-3/8" Pendant Multi-Inlay
Heart -X Large
Kingman Turquoise, Opal, & Onyx
Sterling Silver

Kenneth Bitsie - Navajo

Stunning piece. Kenneth Bitsie is one of the most in-demand of the Stoneweaver artists. This is his most dramatic heart shape.  I love the accent of matching turquoise on the bail. (Liquid silver necklace is not included). 

Note: Stoneweaver has not been producing multi-inlay pieces for several years. This is not pre-owned, it has been in my vault since 2017.  

Remember to check the dimensions-the photos are extreme close-ups 
The photos are often MUCH larger than the actual piece


Materials: Kingman Turquoise, Imitation Opal, Onyx, Sterling Silver

Total Height (including bail): 1-7/8"H

Height of Heart (only) : 1-3/8"H This measurement taken in orientation it hangs (which is at an angle)

Width of Heart (only) : 1-1/4"

Weight: .7oz/16gr/0.035lb

Signed: Kenneth Bitsie   

Hallmarked: USA Sterling

RP0621923, P042918

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