Z Garrison Boyd / Gary Boyd
Navajo Jewelry
Native American Ring
Bronze Infused Apple Coral
Size 6-3/4

Gary Boyd (Garrison Boyd), Navajo

Vertical Rectangle of Bronze Infused Apple Coral.  Rich orange and brown coloring with beautiful shining bronze matrix in silver setting. Gary does a lot of piece work for the trading shops. This means a trader will order "x" number of a specific design.  I find I tend to pick up quite a few of his pieces without first knowing they are his which tells me he is very consistent. His work is fairly simple and clean and always well executed.

Remember to check the dimensions-the photos are extreme close-ups 
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Materials: Apple Coral (stabilized, dyed, and bronze infused) and Sterling silver

Size: 6-3/4

A few notes about Apple Coral. Apple coral is derived from sponge corals that are typically imported from Taiwan and Indonesia.  It is NOT a sponge but has the porosity associated with a sponge. It has become popular in jewelry due to the fact that it is NOT endangered and its use poses no threat to the coral reefs.  Due to the aforementioned porosity, this semi-precious material has to be stabilized and is usually dyed. 

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