Z Bushytail-Wolf/Coyote/Fox
Zuni Fetish Carving
Kenny Chavez
Picasso Marble

Kenny Chavez,  Zuni

Another stone I liked that Kenny used for this "bushytail" (a generic term used for wolves, coyotes, or fox). I called this one a wolf but it could be any of them.  This is a bit of a change for Kenny, no heartline.

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Kenny is a member of the vast extended fetish carving families that include the late Staley Natewa, the late Bremette Epaloose; the Cheamas - Wilfred, Arvella, Vivian, Fabian, and  Lance; Travis Lasiloo, Dan Quam, and Hudson Sandy - among many,many others.

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Signed:  Chavez (I can only tell because I know it is him)

Materials: Picasso Marble, 

Length:  2-3/32"

Width:  21/64"

Height:  43/64"

Weight: .4oz/11gr/0.024lbs

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