Z Eagle
Zuni Fetish Carving
Colin D. Weeka (Deceased)
Picasso Marble (Black)
w Turquoise Eyes

Colin Weeka , (Deceased) Zuni Pueblo, New Mexico

Born: 11/7/82  Died:  2022

Beautifully executed eagle.  This piece is new, just being posted from our storage.  It is from 2015.  Colin's death is a great loss to the Zuni carving world. At only age 39, he had so much more to share.

Colin did great eagles, bobcats, mountain lions, and more.  You can definitely identify the pieces where he put in the "extra mile".  This is one of them.  The choice of the unusual black Picasso stone (he much more commonly used the light beige, matte finish, Picasso or serpentine).  His detail work is wonderful.

Colin belonged to the extended Laate family of carvers that includes, to name but a few: the late Pernell Laate,  Derrick & Elton Kaamasee, Rueben Najera, Max Laate, Lewis Malie, Calvin Weeka, Jerrold Lahaleon, and Alvert Lamy. I am particularly fond of the realistic style for which they are known. 

Remember to check the dimensions-the photos are extreme close-ups 
The photos are often MUCH larger than the actual piece

Materials:  Black Picasso marble and turquoise

Signed: CDW Zuni

Length (Depth): 1-1/2" 

Width: 5/16"

Height: 13/16"

Weight: .4oz/12g/0.026lbs


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