Z Bear on Fours
Zuni Fetish Carving
Kenny Chavez
Brazilian Fluorite-Bi-Color
Sterling Silver

Kenny Chavez,  Zuni

Kenny does great bears.  This one is really unusual as it has the appearance of two different shades of crystalline minerals fused together, but it is natural.  It looks like candy.   I had another piece, by a Lena Boone, of the same stone, so some of the rough material must have been available in Zuni for a time.

Almost all of Kenny's pieces have sterling silver accents; usually the eyes and/or a heartline.

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Kenny is a member of the vast extended fetish carving families that include the late Staley Natewa, the late Bremette Epaloose; the Cheamas - Wilfred, Arvella, Vivian, Fabian, and  Lance; Travis Lasiloo, Dan Quam, and Hudson Sandy - among many,many others.

                   Check the dimensions - the photos are extreme closeups.                    Combine purchases to reach $100 for free shipping

Signed:  Chavez (I can only tell because I know it is him)

Materials: Brazilian Fluorite, Bi-Color (lemon yellow & lime green)

Depth:  7/16"

Width:  1-11/16"

Height:  1"

Weight: .8oz/23gr/0.051lbs


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