Z Timothy Bailon
Ke-Wa Santo Domingo Jewelry
Medium-Small Rectangle Earrings
French Wire Metal Wave
Mosaic Turquoise

Artist: Timothy Bailon, Ke-Wa - Santo Domingo Pueblo - New Mexico, USA - Native American Jewelry

Description:  Stunning combination of greens.  Multi-inlay stone earrings with silver-colored wave abstract inset into each earring.  Timothy does really beautiful and unique work that is a combination of metal and stone work.  In any case, he sells very little outside of local shows, unless you are unlikely to come across his work very often

Please read the information at the link below about the metals & materials used by Timothy.


Gift Boxed

Purchased directly from artist.

Metal:  Only the hook on the French Wire in these earrings is magnetic. But I cannot vouch for the wave being silver.

Materials: Turquoise and several other stones that I cannot definitively identify. Coral slab backs

Total Drop (from ear):  2-5/8"H

Earring (Only) Height x Width x Depth:  1-3/4"H x 1/2"W x 3/16"D

Weight: .5oz/13gr

Signed: No, not unusual for Ke-Wa work

Hallmarked: No, not unusual for Ke-Wa work (See above for more details) I don't know if the metal is silver

Repeatable Design:  One-of-a-kind - See Artist's page for other available similar work.


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