O.L. Bellson (Zuni)
Earrings - Post
1/2 Hoop of Petitpoint
Sleeping Beauty Turquoise

O.L.Bellson, Zuni, NM

Post Earrings.  Sterling silver 1/2 Hoops with 19 pieces each of Sleeping Beauty turquoise.  1-1/16"H x 9/32W"

Remember to check the dimensions-the photos are extreme close-ups

Sleeping Beauty Turquoise (Mine closed in 2011)  Sadly the favorite turquoise of the Zuni is no longer being mined, it is being ground up to reach the copper. The remaining turquoise that is circulating has skyrocketed in price but, mostly, you just can't get it.

Materials: Sterling Silver

Signed: Stamped - OL Bellson
Hallmark: No

Weight: .2oz/5gr/

Repeatable Design:  Don't know if I can access this again, I picked these up in Aug of 2011

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