Vera Halusewa - Zuni
Pendant - Snowflake
Kingman Turquoise Needlepoint
Inlaid in Sterling Silver

Vera Halusewa - Zuni, New Mexico, USA


Handmade, high quality silver and stone work. Can be worn as Pendant or Pin.   The trader from whom I access Vera's work says he has not seen her in awhile, that she tends to lay off the work when turquoise gets too expensive.  I acquired these pieces in September of 2015. This was the last time I was able to access Vera's wor.

Chain not included. Need a chain, go to the accessories collection for a selection.

Stone: Kingman Turquoise (47 pieces)  - Stabilized

Materials: Sterling Silver

Height:  2-3/16"H

Width:  2-3/16"W

Bale Opening: 1/8"+ x 1/8"+

Weight: .5oz/13gr/

Signed: Engraved - Vera Halusewa Zuni

Hallmark: No

Repeatable Design:  If she is making them, Yes - similar, subject to availability. Search (click on magnifying glass upper right) by Halusewa to see other items by Vera.

Available in other materials: I have seen it in Red Coral or a Stone Mixture but the Turquoise is most popular

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