Money Clip - Inlaid Nickel Silver
Turquoise (Multiple), Serpentine, Orange & Purple Spiny Oyster,
and Jet or Onyx

Miscellaneous Artist for Trader Shop, Navajo - New Mexico, USA 

This clip was made by Navajo artisan's for a wholesale trader shop. At time of posting this I have another, similar to this.  If you see something similar in the same price range or less and they claim it is silver, hold their feet to the fire because it almost certainly is not.

Type: Money Clip

Metal: Nickel Silver

Stones or Other Materials:  Turquoise (multiple types), Orange & Purple Spiny Oyster, Serpentine, and Jet or Onyx (Black)

Length: 1-13/16"     Width: 3/4"

 Weight: .7oz  / 20g/ .044 lbs

Signed: L  Hallmarked: No

P 11/15/15

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