Denim Lapis Ovals">

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Native American Crafted Jewelry
Necklace 27" - Heishi Disc Beads
Denim Lapis Ovals

Craftsperson: Shop Assembly by Native Americans of Manufactured Components - Arizona, USA  

Description: Three strings of Heishi disc beads and natural Denim Lapis ovals with sterling lobster closure. 

This piece was assembled in a shop that employs Native Americans (usually Navajo) to fabricate their line of jewelry. The line is widely carried by purveyors of Native American goods, gift shops, catalogs, and museum stores. I had requests from people who wanted certain kinds "Native American" work but couldn't afford it. This was my compromise. The shop employs Native Americans and uses silver in the findings. The pieces are attractive and is price-accessible.  

This work should never be confused with the bulk of what I carry. I would characterize this as good quality costume jewelry.

There are a lot of places that misrepresent this line by ignorance, outright lie, or sin of omission, leaving the customer with the impression they are getting handmade pieces. A comparable handmade piece would likely be priced at five to ten times the cost of this. The disc beads pieces from this shop are never signed by an individual.

I try to make my descriptions accurate, if you have any questions, please ask.

 Metal: Silver

Other Materials: Heishi and Denim Lapis

Wearing Length: 27"

Bead Total Length: Approximately 25"

Heishi Sizes: Approximately 1/8"

Denim Lapis Sizes: Approximately 3/8"H x  to 5/16"

Weight: 2oz/57gr/.125661lb


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