ZSOLD Larry Curley - Handcrafted Navajo
Native American Jewelry
Mini Squash Blossom
Choker Necklace
Mix of Base Metal & Silver
with Turquoise

Miscellaneous Artist - Larry Curley  Navajo  New Mexico

This adorable little necklace also some matching earrings available (not posted yet, sorry).  

Even though most people selling this list it as silver, I had serious doubts, further investigation confirmed my suspicions,

Does this mean you shouldn't buy it? ...Of course not, it's a really neat piece but you just should know what you are getting.  Would I pay $100+ for it?  If it was all sterling, yes, as it is here, probably not.  It's possible there are some all silver pieces out there.  All the ones I've have seen look the same as this one, so I would at least ask the question.  It could be an innocent mistake.  At time of purchase, I assumed this was all silver...shame on me for assuming, so I have dropped the price accordingly. 

Why did I suspect it - cost was the first flag. Secondly the beads just looked "wrong".  When I took a jewelers loupe to it, the appearance of the tarnish was not consistent with the manner in which silver tarnishes.  The final nail in the coffin was taking a magnet to it and the beads are magnetic.  I believe the naja and squash blossoms are silver. 

*See earrings elsewhere on site (search Larry Curley)*

Gift Boxed

Metal (Beads): "Silvered" Base Metal (Magnetic) (170) - 1/8" / 3.18mm

Metal (Naja & Mini Squash Blossoms): Believe to be silver (Non-magnetic)

Materials: Turquoise dots (3mm) (The trader from whom this was purchased represents they do not intentionally buy anything that is not turquoise.)  I am guessing these are prefab Zachery processed cabs available to the artists at Indian supply stores.

Naja: 1/2"H x 5/8"W

Squash Blossoms: 7/8"L x 1/16"W

Turquoise Dot Diameter: 3/32nd+

Weight: .5oz/13gr/.0286lb

Signed: No

Hallmarked: No. See above in description.

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