Turquoise Oval Cabachon
Size 9-1/2">

Lyle Piaso - Navajo Jewelry - Ring
Sterling Silver "Shield"
Turquoise Oval Cabachon
Size 9-1/2

Lyle Piaso (for Trader Shop)- Navajo Jewelry- Arizona, USA 

Native American Indian Jewelry

Description: .  A friend of mine convinced me a number of years ago of the value of trying everything on.  I have repeatedly found that there were things I either wasn't sure of or thought were outright ugly that, when worn, looked spectacular.  

I wasn't on the fence about this one but it is even more stunning than I expected.

I was going to keep this for myself but the first person who saw it "had" to have it so they saved me from myself.

The nice thing is it is a repeatable design.  I have found prices on this jump all over the place according to both the stone used and the artist doing the work (not always Lyle).

Remember to check the dimensions-the photos are extreme close-ups

Type: Ring

Metal: Sterling Silver with Oxidized Shield Design

Stones or Other Materials: Oval of Turquoise (stabilized) surrounded by Sterling Twist Wire

Silver Shield Height: 1-3/16"H

Turquoise Oval Dimensions: 9/16"H x 1/4"W

Weight: .5oz/15gr/.lb

Signed: L

Hallmarked: Sterling

Repeatable Design:  There were more of these available in other sizes and with other stones (Lapis and Orange Spiny were two versions I saw). This is sold.  They can be reordered.

Available in other materials: Yes

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