Zuni Fetish Carving
Claudia Peina (Kallestewa)
Happy Standing Bear
Antler with Jet, Coral, & Turquoise Accents

Claudia Peina  Zuni Fetish Carver

Claudia is best known for her Corn Maidens, happy or dancing Bears, and Frogs.

Bears are among the most important animals to all Native Americans and have a special place in the Zuni fetish tradition.  Both physically and spiritually, they are considered very powerful. The Zuni name for bear is "clumsy foot" most likely due to their somewhat odd gait.  If you have ever been around a bear you will know that it would be a grave error to confuse "clumsy" with slow; bears are NOT slow.

Remember to check dimensions - photos are extreme close-ups.
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Signed:  CP  Z

Length (Depth): 7/16"

Width:  1-1/2"

Height:  1-7/8"

Weight:   .4oz/10gr/0.022lbs


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