Miscellaneous Artist - AJ
Navajo Jewelry
Earrings - French Wire
Bronze Infused
Apple Coral
Silver Antique Perimeter

Artist: AJ, Navajo - New Mexico, USA - Native American Jewelry

AJ does really nice work, it mostly can be found through the traders who sell to re-sellers such as myself.  I'm not sure he/she has a "style" as such as I sense he/she is fulfilling shop orders. Most of the work I see signed AJ tends to be pretty traditional and not terribly distinctive but I'm usually drawn to it because it is executed so well. 

Description:  Bronze infused apple coral cabochon with twist wire and stamped silver perimeter.  The coral is probably stabilized.


Metal: Sterling Silver

Materials: Apple Coral-Bronze Infused


Total Drop:  1-3/8"H

Height x Width (Earring with Perimeter): 7/8" x 5/8"

Height x Width (Cabochon Only): 9/16"H x  3/8"W


Weight: .2oz/6gr/.0132lb

Signed: AJ Navajo

Hallmarked: Sterling


Repeatable Design:  Similar items may become available from time to time.

Available in other materials: Currently available in Bronze Infused Kingman (see elsewhere on site)



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