Leo Yazzie (Navajo)
Earrings - Dangle Post
Boulder Turquoise &
Teardrop of High-Grade Natural Kingman Web Turquoise

Leo Yazzie, Navajo - Arizona, USA  Award-winning.  Native American Jewelry

Absolutely spectacular turquoise is featured in these beautiful earrings by renowned artist Leo Yazzie.  

These were made and purchased 2011. They are among the many things that I acquired back then but only started seeing the light of day in 2016.  Honestly why these are still here is a complete mystery to me, they should have been snatched up the day I posted them.   

You won't see turquoise this nice at a price like this again, let alone by a name artist. I'm getting so annoyed by this, if they don't move soon, I'm going to boost them to current market price, just because that's where they belong!

Purchased directly from the Leo.

Gift Boxed

Total Height: 2"

Total Drop (from post): 1-3/4"H

Top Section (Boulder) Dimensions: 3/4"H x 1/2"W

Teardrop Tearquoise Section Dimensions: 7/8"H x 5/16"W

Weight: .4oz/10gr/.022lbs

Signed: LY


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