Size 6-3/8 (Small-Medium) 0218">

Thomas Charley/Thomas Charlie
Navajo Bracelet
1" Cuff Segmented "Melon"
Size 6-3/8 (Small-Medium) 0218

Thomas Charley (sometimes spelled Thomas Charlie) Navajo Jewelry

Another size of Thomas' unique handmade design. It's classy and unmistakable.  This is a signature style is often imitated with varying degrees of success.   

Click on Thomas' name above to see the whole collection. This style is sometimes referred to as "melon"

I have some similar work by Monte Richardson that is extremely good. I picked it up during a time Thomas was not working.

Total Bracelet Size: 6-3/8" - (Small-Medium)  

(Gap):  1-1/8"

Inside Measurement (Metal Only): 5-1/4"

Due to the way this is fabricated adjustment will tend to deform the design so NOT advisable. Jewelry that is adjusted or altered in any way is not returnable

Weight: 1.9oz/53g/.12lbs

Signed: TC    Hallmarked: Sterling

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