Edison & Shurley Walela - Zuni
Bracelet - Shadowbox Link
Mixed Stone Leaves
2 Spiny, 2 Mother-of-Pearl, Turquoise, Lapis, Coral, Malachite
Sterling Silver

Edison & Shurley Walela, Zuni

Edison has been active since the 1960's.  He sometimes collaborates with others, in this case his wife, Shurley.  The (8) little hand-carved leaves are his signature design.  Handmade silver links.  Lobster-claw latch is not silver. This is one of several little bracelets I picked up in 2011 at Zuni Pueblo.  It is new, it's just been buried.

 Remember to check the dimensions-the photos are extreme close-ups

Gift Boxed

Materials:  Sterling silver, mother of pearl, gold lip mother of pearl, orange  & purple spiny, lapis, salmon coral, & turquoise.  

Total Length end-to-end: 7-13/16"

Distance between the leaves: 3/8"

Dimensions of each Leaf: 1/2"H" (nose to tail) x 3/8"W

Sizing:  My wrist, behind the bone, is 6-5/8". This is a good fit that allows the bracelet to move.  For a smaller wrist or tighter fit, you could latch into one of the links between the leaves.  Note this particular bracelet does not have jump rings at the end so you couldn't make it bigger without professional assistance..

Weight: .2oz/6gr/0.0132lbs

Signed: SEW  Zuni (The E is backwards which is how Edison signs)

Hallmarked: .925


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