Inventory Reduction
Running Bear Shop - Navajo Jewelry
Bracelet - Cuff
Sterling Silver Filagree
with (3) Opal Dots

Running Bear Shop , Navajo Jewelry New Mexico, USA

This is similar to the style of Max Calladitto (see elsewhere on my site).  It is  missing some of the other features of that work.  I have dropped the price to take this into consideration.

The artist signed pieces are somewhat more refined than this one but this is attractive and more price accessible.

Remember to check the dimensions-the photos are extreme close-ups
Items in the SPECIALS area are sold "as-is" and are not returnable


Materials:  Sterling Silver & Imitation Opal

Total Bracelet Size: 6-1/4" - (Medium)

Inside Measurement (Metal Only): 5-3/8"

Bracelet Opening (Gap):  1-1/8"

Adjustable: Slight amount

Bracelet Width (Top of Cuff): 1-3/16"

Weight: .8oz/23gr/.051lbs

Signed: No, round stock, difficult to stamp the RB Logo

Hallmarked: not that I can find (I've had bracelets that Caroline stamps w a "C" and marks sterling). It might be because on this one round stock was  instead of flat and it is harder to stamp, or, as noted above, it may be piece work of a miscellaneous artist.

Available in other materials: Yes, periodically I have both Caroline's and RB in other versions.

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