Medium Triangle Cabochon of
Royston Boulder Turquoise
Size 6-1/2" (Medium)">

Bracelet Cuff - Navajo
7/8" Copper with
Medium Triangle Cabochon of
Royston Boulder Turquoise
Size 6-1/2" (Medium)

Artist/Source: Unknown Artist, Navajo - New Mexico, USA 

This is a lovely copper piece with a very pretty piece of Royston boulder turquoise.  Based upon the price and the fact that copper was used as the base, I'm certain the turquoise is stabilized.  At this time I am unable to identify the artist but clearly he or she has a "style" as I have an identically signed bracelet that is very similar. These were the first copper pieces I picked up, I feel they are quite distinct.

Some people have more acidic perspiration than others, they are more likely to experience some skin discoloration from the copper than others. It doesn't hurt anything, if you are unable to wash it off of your wrist, remove the bracelet for several days and the discoloration will subside.  If you wipe your bracelet down each night it will help remove the acids and reduce the (potential) staining on your wrist

Many people ascribe healing properties to the wearing of copper, particularly those with arthritis. I'm not qualified to say if this is true but I have some customers who swear to it.

Type: Bracelet - Cuff 

Metal: Copper

Stones or Other Materials:  Medium Triangle of Stabilized Green Royston Boulder Turquoise

Total Bracelet Size: 6-1/2" - Size Medium

Inside Measurement (Metal Only): 5-3/8"

Bracelet Opening:  1-1/8"

Bracelet Width: Graduated from 7/8" to 5/8"

Cabochon Size: 1"H x 7/8"W

Adjust-ability: Adjustable up to approximately 1/8" smaller or a bit  larger (1/16" per side). 

Weight: .9oz/26g

Signed: Yes. T

Hallmarked: No

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