Size 6-7/8" (Medium-Large)">

Scott Skeets - Navajo Jewelry
Kokopelli Design in 14K Gold
Bracelet - 1/4" Cuff Silver with Gold
Size 6-7/8" (Medium-Large)

Artist/Source: Scott Skeets, Navajo Jeweler - New Mexico, USA  Native American Jewelry

Description: This is one in a series of many very popular bracelets made in silver with gold overlay.   This is probably the most coveted design. 


Type: Bracelet - Cuff

Metal: Sterling Silver

Stones or Other Materials:  14k Gold Overlay


Total Bracelet Size: 6-7/8" - Large

Inside Measurement (Metal Only): 5-5/8"

Bracelet Opening (Gap):  1-1/4"

Adjustable: Yes, very adjustable, but you need to be careful to be balanced and not deform the piece


Length of gold overlay: 1- 9/16"

Bracelet Width (Cuff): 1/4"


Weight: .4oz/10g

Signed: S SKEETS

Hallmarked: Sterling 14K

Repeatable Design:  This artist (and other family members) have a series of designs they execute on bracelet, earrings, and rings. (Search on Skeets to find other pieces)

Available in other materials: No, these are always in sterling with gold overlay.  The only exception is a series of silver (only) "petroglyph" pieces by the same artist(s)


Lead Time For Custom:  Not Applicable

Item#: SD-BRCF .25 Silver/Gold Kokopelli

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