Arick & L Lukila - Zuni
Native American Jewelry - Ring
Turquoise & Opal Inlay
Sterling Silver Size 7-1/2

Artist/Source: Arick & L Lukila  Zuni Jewelry- Zuni, New Mexico, USA  Native American Indian Jewelry

Description:  This is a signature design by the Lukilas, this one in turquoise and imitation opal.  It is beautiful and I try to keep it in various sizes and versions of inlay. It is lightweight and iridescent.

OUT OF STOCK - Despite repeated attempts, the artist has not been heard from in over a year.  It is suspected they are no longer working so it is likely I will not be able to acquire more. I still have a few pieces in other sizes and materials.

UPDATE 8/28/16 - A  different jeweler is now doing this design.  This could be a relative of the Lukila's carrying on the design but I don't know that for a fact. The work is definitively not as refined as what the Lukila's were doing but at least it is available again. 


Remember to check the dimensions-the photos are extreme close-ups

Type: Ring

Metal: Sterling Silver 

Stones or Other Materials: Turquoise and imitation opal

 Weight: .001oz/.05gr/

Signed: A & L Lukila (etched)

Hallmarked: None Not unusual for Zuni work.  The piece is non-magnetic

Repeatable Design:  Yes, as available.  I try to keep this on hand in multiple sizes

Available in other materials: I have this in a number of combinations (turquoise or coral only, coral & opal) and try to keep them on hand in various sizes. Search A & L Lukila. Different combinations may be different prices.

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