Zuni Fetish Carving
Travis Lasiloo
Turquoise & Jet Accents

Travis Lasiloo, Zuni Pueblo, NM

The best horse fetish I've ever seen. Another very special carving from Travis.  I'm always amazed at the lack of representation of horses in fetishes, particularly good, realistic ones. In this, I finally found what I've been looking for.  There was no listing of the material but I believe it is marble.

This piece was isolated in a case of unique items and grabbed it.

 Travis is a member of the vast extended fetish carving families that include the late Staley Natewa, the late Bremette Epaloose; the Cheamas - Wilfred, Arvella, Vivian, Fabian, and  Lance; Kenny Chavez, and Hudson Sandy - among many,many others.

 Remember to check the dimensions - the photos are extreme close-ups.

Long:  2-3/4"

Wide:  9/16"

Height: 1-1/4"

Signed: Not that I can find

Weight: .7oz/21gr/0.046lbs


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